Judy Salisbury offers a variety of training and topics related to Christian apologetics and effective communication and presentation skills. These talks are tailored for conferences, general assemblies, women's retreats, special events, and youth groups or rallies.

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How to Reach Antagonist (Click the title to see Judy share this talk from the comfort of her home office for the 2014 Women Equipping Women On-Line Apologetics Conference.) Whether it's a neighbor across the fence, a relative, or co-worker, you just might run into some folks who seem truly antagonistic toward your Christian faith. In this most needed training, Judy explains where the antagonism comes from and exactly how to address it with respect and love. A variety of audiences will appreciate this talk for such a time as this!

Facing Our Fears to Share Our Faith
This fast paced talk is excellent for all audiences as Judy offers solid answers to the three main areas that are deterrents to sharing your faith more often:
1) The fear of offending people.
2) The fear of being asked a question.
3) The fear of man more than God.

CPC & PRC Fundraising Banquet or Communication Training
Judy offers her heart and ministry to pregnancy resource centers and community pregnancy clinics across the country. Please contact Logos Presentations regarding the specific training Judy conducts for the dedicated volunteers in your center or with help reaching your community for financial support to keep your doors open and your ministry expanding. Judy also shares thought-provoking Sanctity of Human Life talks for general assemblies, conferences, or banquets.

Christianity vs. Darwinism
In this sobering look at the impact of Christianity and Darwinism, Judy Salisbury shows the differences in views on origins, purposefulness, morality, destiny, and death.  Judy also examines the fruit of both worldviews and the impact each has made on the lives of its followers. 

Evolution: It Takes Faith to Believe It!
Judy uses the words of evolutionists themselves to debunk their own worldview, and the facts that make evolution impossible to educate and encourage teens so they can feel quite secure in the Creationist Worldview. Judy also uses news articles in a humorous way to show just how much opinion dominates the evolutionary worldview and what little, if any, actual statements of science or fact are employed.  This is a common sense talk that will keep teens thinking and weighing these views for themselves.

Humors & Dangers of the Occult
Judy addresses one of the hottest topics concerning teens today. Judy defines the occult, talks about why many teens and adults find it so alluring, and also points out the flaws. She uses rather humorous examples of the perceived successes and obvious failures of one popular call-in psychic in particular to debunk its reliability. Judy also shares God's views on the subject of dabbling in the occult "for fun".

Answering The Problem of Evil and Human Suffering
This is a topic that tends to stump many adults, and teens are searching for answers.  Judy responds to such questions as: Did God create evil? Why did God allow evil? Why do bad things happen to good people, and why do good things happen to bad people?  Judy addresses other common concerns that often prompt seekers to hold God, and serving Him, at arms length.

Animal Rights!  Right or Wrong?
Since more than half of the law schools in the United States now teach animal law and many people feel animals "are people too," Judy sorts out the thinking and views concerning human rights for animals in a humorous and informative manner. Judy answers the burning question, What does it mean to be human? and also addresses the shocking mind and motive behind the movement. 

Does God Exist?
Answering this question in a common sense way, Judy talks about the origin of the universe, intelligent design, and the Moral Law to prove the existence of God. Judy also talks about the greatness of God's love for mankind.

Is The Bible Reliable?
So many individuals own a Bible, yet few read! Judy hopes to change that by sharing exciting information on the validity of the Scriptures. Judy points to internal evidence such as predictive prophecy, external evidence such as archeology, and that Bible is indeed life changing as proof for the fact that it is truly God's divinely inspired Word!  

Is the God of the Bible the God of the Universe?
Judy brings to life the correlation between the God we read about in Scripture and the God of the Universe in a dynamic and memorable way, proving they are indeed one and the same and that we have a responsibility to Him. 

Was/Is Jesus God?
In this lively talk, Judy discusses the attributes, the character, and the claims of Christ that logically proves that we can take Him at His Word regarding His identity. Judy also looks at the powerful prophecies pertaining to the coming Messiah that were fulfilled in Jesus.

Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?
In this challenging talk, Judy examines the claims of the empty tomb and the eye witness accounts. Judy also talks about the changed lives of those who turned from being frightened and cowardly to turning the world up-side-down!


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