Judy Salisbury offers a wide variety of topics related to Christian Living. These talks are tailored for conferences, general assemblies, women's retreats, special events, and youth groups or rallies.

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The Myth of Balance & The Reality of Priorities (Click on that title to see the presentation given in 2010!)
In this lively, personal, and humorous chat that many 21st century women can relate to, Judy debunks the myth that busy women just need to BALANCE their lives better. Judy suggests, rather, that what women really need is to embrace the reality of prioritizing and simplifying their lives.  Judy gives common sense reasons for her priority list and offers great suggestions for how to eliminate the typical guilt, stress, and fatigue that often comes with being a woman, a wife, and a mom. An excellent talk for a Mother's Day brunch or Ladies Tea. See also the RETREATS page for an expanded version of this talk for a women's retreat weekend.

The Challenges of Equipping the Next Generation (Click on that title to see the presentation given in 2010!)
Drawing from personal experience and the desire to instill in her children a vibrant love relationship with the Lord, Judy offers parents tips on how to ground their children in the Faith in an era that would pull them in a variety of directions.  Some material for this talk is also shared in the book,
Is Your Church Ready?, in her chapter entitled Creating an Apologetic Climate in the Home.

Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Happiness
In this heads-up talk for teens, Judy breaks down and defines key terms in the second paragraph of our Declaration of Independence to show the importance of each element and how it relates to them today. In discussing the difference between "liberty" and "license", Judy shares common concerns and eye-opening truths regarding social media and the internet. This talk is appropriate for secular or Christian youth groups and is extremely relevant to many issues teens struggle with today.

The Impact of a Mother's Love
Judy talks about the beautiful relationship between Naomi and Ruth and the impact it had on both of their lives. Judy encourages women who have been hurt in any mother/daughter relationship in this powerful and very personal talk where she also talks about her relationship with her own mother-in-law and the unique love they enjoy. This is an empowering talk that is most appropriate for Mother's Day brunches or Ladies' Tea. (Don't be fooled, single women will enjoy this one too.) 

Stumbling Blocks Before The Lord
Judy addresses two kinds of stumbling blocks--the ones we put "before the Lord" as in life priorities and the ones we put "before the Lord" as in at His feet. Judy shares what some of her stumbling blocks were and are, in this humorous yet convicting chat.  Perfect for ladies' fellowships or general assemblies.

Lulled into Laodicea
In this rather timely talk, Judy helps to examine the condition of our heart before the Lord and the apathy and compromise that can sometimes creep its way into our often busy and distracted lives.  Judy answers the questions; What are the signs that we've camped in Laodicea? What does the Word of God have to say?  What's the cure or where do we camp from here? This talk is ideal for ladies' fellowship or general assemblies.   

Identity Crisis
Ladies, be prepared to completely leave the sins and missteps of your past, the myriad of false identities other people have foisted upon you, and/or the distorted identity you believe of yourself, at the foot of the Cross. In this deeply candid talk, Judy reminds her audience of the consequences of believing distorted self images which keep us from embracing our true identity and the impact it should have on our lives. Judy speaks with authority on the subject as she shares her own self imposed identity crisis and the oppressive impact it had on her life and ministry, and how she became free to fully embrace her true identity in Christ. This life changing talk is suitable for any women's event.


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